Americans Who Care About Country Over Party Affiliation Must Read The Foreward Section Of The Jan. 6th Select Committee Report Written By MSNBC Host Of ” The Beat” Attorney Ari Melber. It’s Chronological, Factual Summary Of The Committee’s Findings About Trump’s Attempts To Overturn The 2020 Presidential Election. His Plot To Stay In Power Made Illegal Attempts To Block The Certification Of Joe Biden’s Victory. As Each Strategy Failed, Another Emerged. Deniers Of Facts May Finally Recognize Trump Was Leading A Coup With The Intent To Overthrow The Government. – Baby Boomer Resistance: A Pro Democracy Blog

Ari Melber is an attorney who doesn’t use dramatics hyperbole when reporting the news. In his overview of the Jan. 6th Committee’s findings, Melber outlines the eight stages of the coup attempt, reveals those allies who acted on Trump’s behalf to steal the election, and reveals Trump’s direct involvement in the schemes. The over 800 pages of the committee’s report is compsed of evidence that backs up Melber’s summary. Over 1,000 people testified under oath to the committee and most of them were former republican members of Trump’s administration. Eyewitness revelations by these former Trump allies reveal a level of corruption that is undeniable and in violation of the Constitution.

These are the eight plots Trump pursued to steal the election:

November 2020:

  • Filed baseless lawsuits opposing the election results
  • Tried to install fake electors
  • Contacted state officials to overturn votes

December and January 2020

  • Appealed to Congress to overturn the votes
  • Pressured Pence not to certify the electoral count
  • Asked The Department of Justice to interfere in the voting process
  • Considered using the military to seize the voting machines
  • Attempted to sabotage Congressional certification of Biden’s win by inciting the mob to attack the Capitol

When each plot failed, Trump, his attorneys, and allies exercised another plot to overturn the election. The lawsuits were the first chapter of the coup attempt. Trump declared rampant fraud occurred but his legal team presented no evidence of wrongdoing. The claims were thrown out of court and within 1 month that part of the coup attempt was over. Next in play was the fake elector scheme encouraged by Trump cabinet member Rick Perry. The scheme involved getting Trump supporters to pose as electors in swing states where Trump lost. This occurred between the date of the election results in November and the date of the certification of the electoral college results. Trump and his allies publicly announced that alternate slates of electors existed in specific swing states and these votes would be submitted to Congress. Trump would then be declared the winner. The plot was ridiculous, obviously illegal and failed. This plot remains under investigation by the special counsel. Trump and many of his surrogates face potential criminal charges for their actions.

Justice is coming. Thanks to the bi-partisan efforts of the Jan. 6th Select Committee, the plots to steal the election from Joe Biden are now known by all Americans. Diehard Trumpers continue to donate money to pay for his court-ordered fines and attorney fees generated by Trump’s criminal behaviors. However, as House Republicans continue to threaten to cut Medicare and Social Security, Trump voters may realize how they have been scammed, especially his rural voters who live on fixed incomes.

Next came the pressure campaign for states to announce election fraud and declare Trump the winner. Despite the pressure, state after state defended the legitimacy of their execution of election protocol and adherence to the law. The most blatant example of Trump’s attempt to steal the election on the state level was the call he made to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rathensberger when he asked him to “find me 11,780,000 votes which is one more than I need to win.” In his summary, Melber says “getting politicians to overthrow the vote is the definition of a coup.”

Next a desperate Trump tried to use the military to seize voting machines and delegitimize the will of the voters. His team of corrupt allies and attorneys were: Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and General Michael Flynn. As it turns out even the corrupt Giuliani warned Trump they would all end up in prison if he ordered the military to commit an illegal act of election interference. Once that plan collapsed, Trump had one desperate move left:

To summon his armed, white nationalist, anarchist, MAGA mob to the Capitol on January 6th, before the electoral college vote would be counted and his re-election loss would be final. Each stage of Trump’s coup plot had one goal: to steal the election and to reinstate himself as president despite not being elected by the American people. Trump used gaslighting to confuse and incite the insurrectionists. As the defeated ex-president tried to steal the election, he referred to the legitimate win by Biden as “the steal.”

America is done with this guy. America needs the planners of the coup attempt to join the convicted members of the MAGA mob who are serving time in prison. Political figures are not above the law and should not get special treatment when they commit crimes. If Republicans were in control of the executive branch, indictments would have been issued years ago. Democrats waste time worrying about criticism from Republicans instead of aggressively pursuing justice. If accused sex trafficker Rep. Matt Gaetz was a democrat; he would have been ousted from Congress by his caucus. If Rep. Jim Jordan, who was credibly accused of not reporting the sexual abuse of members of the Ohio State wrestling team were a democrat, he would have been pressured to resign his seat. If Attorney General Merrick Garland does not issue indictments for Trump and his allies who broke the law, he will go down in history as an enabler of the weakening of American democracy.

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