Barack Obama Is On The Mid-Term Campaign Trail In Swing States Rallying Democrats And Independents To Vote To Defeat All MAGA Election Deniers And Conspiracy Theorists. If Millenials, Gen Z, Women And The Black Community Show Up To Vote, Democracy, Medicare, Social Security, The Planet, Women’s Reproductive Freedom, And Decency Will Be Saved. – Baby Boomer Resistance: A Pro Democracy Blog

The Republican party led by Donald Trump, the most dangerous domestic terrorist in America, has become a hate group. You may not like the political agenda of the democrats. Still, there is no denying they are not the party that is inciting their base to assault or murder their political opponents. Instead of listening to Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and other white nationalists who justify using violence against opponents, Trump supporters should pay attention to how extensively these Republicans use hate rhetoric to incite violence. If you are a white Christian American, imagine President Biden delivering a speech rallying Jews, Muslims, Indigenous people, and Hispanics to see their demographic as dangerous enemies who need to arm themselves for protection.

Barack Obama is energizing the democratic base to get out and vote. His skill at rallying the emotions of voters while wryly injecting his sense of humor was on display in Georgia on Friday. He referred to Hershchel Walker as a “celebrity that wants to be a politician, but someone who is not equipped to be a US Senator.” He also called Walker a liar, someone with issues of character, and “a person who carries around a phony badge and says he is in law enforcement like a kid playing cops and robbers,” Obama went on to point out the hypocrisy of the Republicans labeling themselves as that law and order party because they, 1) voted against funding for law enforcement 2) they voted against bills to take automatic military-style weapons off the street, 3) they use racist, hateful rhetoric that has increased, not reduced crime.
Obama won’t say it, however the truth is the MAGA Christians are the most dangerous of the hypocrites spouting hatred and lies. Additionally, it’s unfortunate that the sane, patriotic authentic Christians are being too silent about the hijacking of their faith by fake Trump Christian nationalists. The despicable behaviors and hate- spewing rhetoric exhibited by the Capitol rioters, who were predominantly Christian, revealed their hypocrisy, ignorance and racism. The Jesus the say they are serving would throw them out of the religion. Christians who oppose lying, adultery, tax and business fraud, misogyny, racism, fascism and cruelty should stand at the pulpit and denounce the perversion of their religion by Donald Trump, his corrupt Republican enablers and the brainwashed, weak members of their religion.
Hypocrisy should be grounds for removal from office for any member of either political party. Republicans are running in the mid-terms on a platform of complaints with no solutions. They are running on lies, not truths. They are encouraging violence as a strategy to suppress voter turnout.

Obama went on to point out the dishonest, hypocritical narratives Republicans are selling to their base:

  • They claim to be committed to fighting crime, yet they have voted against funding for law enforcement, voted against banning assault weapons, and have made jokes about the violent, criminal assault of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul.
  • They support states rights on the abortion issue, yet they simultaneously support the passing of a federal ban on abortion
  • They support unrestricted 2nd Amendment rights, yet support the overturning of a 50 year law for woman’s right to reproduction freedom
  • They talk about the stolen election lie as if it’s a fact, without producing any factual evidence
  • They declare the COVID pandemic was a hoax, despite the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people
  • They supported the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice 3 weeks before the 2020 presidential election, yet blocked an Obama appointee 9 months before the 2016 election
  • They hug the flag and praise democracy and the Constitution, yet they support Donald Trump who has committed more crimes against the American government than any president in history
  • They support candidates who are announcing they will not accept the results of their elections if they lose, yet they proclaim they support democracy.
Barack Obama is begging democrats and independents to vote to prevent Kevin McCarthy and the MAGA Republicans from destroying the recovering economy, the middle class, and America’s national security.

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