GOP maniacs warn McCarthy that they’ll keep him on a very short leash

Outside groups are getting in on the fight, too. FreedomWorks, the right-wing “nonprofit” that spearheaded protests against public health efforts to save lives in the pandemic, put McCarthy on notice with their list of demands. At the top is rule changes, including reinstating the Motion to Vacate the Chair, the parliamentary rule that allows any member of the House to call for a vote to remove the speaker. That’s the maneuver the Freedom Caucus, led by then-Rep. Mark Meadows (Trump’s coup co-conspirator and chief of staff) used to oust Speaker John Boehner back in 2015. He resigned rather than face that no confidence vote.

That’s a direct threat from the Freedom folk to McCarthy. “The conservative conscience of the House Republican Conference, the House Freedom Caucus, is proposing common-sense rules that will help restore integrity in the legislative process,” FreedomWorks said in their press release. “We hope that those running for leadership positions and the members of the House GOP will get behind the Freedom Caucus’s proposals.”

This isn’t as much about keeping McCarthy out of the top spot as it is telling McCarthy they’re going to be in control. They are setting the terms under which they’ll lend McCarthy the 218 votes he needs to get the gavel, but he’s going to have to play by their rules to have 218 votes to do anything with it. It’s a potent threat, because with a majority as small as he’s likely to get, corralling them is going to be a nightmare. It’s also going to be logistically nightmarish.


One of the things McCarthy has sworn he’ll do—and FreedomWorks is telling him he must—is end proxy voting, the pandemic measure that allowed the House to conduct business and keep members safe at home. On any given vote, it’s likely that every single lawmaker would need to be there to get anything passed.

That, by the way, will also be true for Democrats if they get the majority. But they’d likely keep proxy voting in place as long as the public health emergency for COVID allows. On any given day, half a dozen lawmakers could be absent for any number of reasons. There are 435 of them—perfect attendance by all of them all of the time is not possible.

The Freedom maniacs know that very well, and they’re telling McCarthy just how short a leash they’re going to keep him on.


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