Joe Biden Just Throwing Affordable Insulin At America Like Paper Towels After A Hurricane

Joe Biden’s woke agenda of reducing the cost of insulin keeps rolling forward, inflicting significant out of pocket savings on Americans with diabetes, who need the drug to stay alive. It all started last summer, when the Inflation Reduction Act reduced the cost of insulin for folks on Medicare to $35, although Senate Republicans voted down a matching price cap for everyone else, just to be big jerks. (Sen. Kyrsten Sinema did not join them on the jerk train that time, we checked.)

Then, at the start of this month, after Biden called for a national price cap on insulin in his State of the Union address, Pharma giant Eli Lilly announced it would cap its price for two of its most widely prescribed insulins to $35 per month, for people on insurance and for uninsured folks. Biden called on other manufacturers to follow suit, and now that’s happening, so we’re certain Donald Trump will take credit for it.

Two more huge pharma dominoes have fallen this week. (No, that’s just a metaphor, you can’t get insulin from Domino’s; pay attention, you.) Wednesday, the Danish pharma company Novo-Nordisk cut its insulin prices by between 65 and 75 percent, depending on the product, although it didn’t match the $35 per month commitment made by Lilly. Analysts said the price cuts will especially help people with high deductibles and those who don’t have insurance.

Then, yesterday afternoon, after Biden spoke in Las Vegas about his plans to reduce out of pocket medical costs, the French company Sanofi announced it will cap its insulin prices in the US at $35 per month, although the change won’t go into effect until January 1, 2024. Like they couldn’t do it right away like Lilly did, but quoi ever. Maybe they need time to consider how JERRY LEWIS would handle the policy, and there we go with our timely up-to-date stereotypes about the French.

Also too, Sanofi already makes its insulin brands available to people without insurance at just $35 per month, so we guess we’ll hold off on any cracks about the reliability of French cars.

As NBC News points out, this is a friggin’ huge deal, because between them, Lilly, Novo-Nordisk, and Sanofi supply 90 percent of the insulin in the US market.

In a White House announcement yesterday, Biden took a little victory lap, saying, “As of this afternoon, all three of the leading insulin producers in America have agreed to substantially reduce their prices, following my calls to expand my $35 cap for seniors to all Americans.”

He also took the opportunity to warn against Republican plans to vote to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act for the sake of cutting taxes for billionaires, although of course Biden would veto any such attempt. But it’s worth keeping in mind for 2024: Give them the chance, and Republicans would be delighted to roll back healthcare savings that are already helping millions of Americans.

So now, guess it’s time for the last 10 percent of insulin suppliers to get on the bandwagon. And to see how Fox News spins this terrific news for Americans as a “woke” disaster.

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