Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Predicts Trump “Will Be Convicted of Multiple Felonies”

That Donald Trump has spent his entire existence getting away with behavior no one else on the planet would does not bode well for the answer to the question: “Will this fuckin’ guy ever get his comeuppance?” On the other hand, never before has he been in such legal peril, or had to worry about numerous different investigations that could result in him going to jail, from the insurrection business to his attempt to overturn the election in Georgia to the matter of highly classified documents being found at Mar-a-Lago despite repeated requests from the government to give them back. And according to at least one individual, this time, he’s going down.

That individual is George Conway who, it must be noted, has a well-documented hatred of Trump, having previously claimed the man might have narcissistic personality disorder; penned a nearly 11,500-word essay explaining why the then commander in chief’s “ingrained and extreme behavioral characteristics make it impossible for him to carry out the duties of the presidency”; and literally cofounded an organization whose mission is to “Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.” As a reminder, he did all this while being married to Kellyanne Conway, who not only helped elect Trump but went to bat for him for nearly four years and continues to do so to this day. So, yeah, the guy is the furtherest thing from unbiased, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn‘t know a future convict when he sees one!

In a long interview with Salon’s Chauncey Devega, Conway, a longtime attorney, said he believes “the reckoning is finally coming” for Trump, and that “the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation is the most dangerous thing facing him” when it comes to being prosecuted and convicted of a crime. “Almost from the moment it came out,” he told Devega, “I felt it was the shortest distance between him and an orange jumpsuit, for the simple reason that it is a simple case.”

He further explained:

The analogy I like to use is this: Let’s imagine that you are the US attorney in New York, and you’re investigating a mob boss. You’re putting together a massive RICO case with lots of crimes involved, such as murders and gambling and loan sharking. It’s a complicated case and all of a sudden you get a phone call that there is a jewel heist at Kennedy Airport. Guess who is driving the truck? The Don, the boss. That’s almost literally what happened with Mar-a-Lago. 

Given the details of the case and all the related [possible] charges, I don’t know how the DOJ doesn’t prosecute Trump. And I don’t know how Trump is not convicted, especially if he is tried in the District of Columbia.… I don’t think it’s going to take them very long to put together a case on the classified documents. And I don’t think they have a choice, even if they wanted to resist prosecuting him. It’s going to be sooner rather than later. Trump could easily be under both federal and state indictment at some point between Election Day [November 8] and New Year’s Day.

While Conway believes the classified-documents case represents the biggest immediate danger, he told Salon that the ex-president should be extremely concerned about the January 6 criminal investigation at the Department of Justice as well. As for how Trump might respond to being prosecuted, Conway said that he does not see a scenario in which “Trump is going to plea bargain,” given that he’d rather throw a fit about how he’s been mistreated, on Truth Social and in various other forums. Conway added: “In all likelihood, he will be convicted of multiple felonies. I don’t know if there’s ever going to be a perp walk, but I don’t think it’s a fantasy either…This all goes so much to the core of Trump’s identity that he will try to tear the country apart before he settles one of these criminal cases.” 

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