Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Will Be Fine After G*ddamn F*cking HAMMER Attack, Fox News Will Not

A while back, House Minority Leader and human Q-tip Kevin McCarthy made a solemn vow to a bunch of Republicans at a fundraiser. After the Tennessee GOP congressional delegation presented him with an oversized gavel, McCarthy promised that when his party took back the House majority and Nancy Pelosi handed him the Speaker’s gavel, they could all watch him beat her with it.

Ha ha, ideations of violent misogyny against an 82-year-old woman are tight! (Not that Nancy couldn’t take him, she could probably karate kick that gavel out of his hands and then beat the shit out of him all by her lonesome, like some sort of octogenarian Black Widow.)

Anyway, some conservative nut apparently couldn’t wait until January. So he broke into Pelosi’s home in San Francisco, asked her startled husband Paul where she was, and then proceeded to treat Paul like a ten-penny nail at an Amish barn-raising:

The intruder shouted, “Where is Nancy?” before attacking her husband, one of the officials said.

The intruder broke in through a sliding-glass door and beat Mr. Pelosi with a hammer, one of the officials said, leaving him badly injured with wounds to the head and body. The alleged assailant was arrested.

If that sounds creepy, it is remarkably similar – okay, exactly the same – as what some rioters chanted as they prowled the halls of Congress during the January 6 attack, going so far as to tear apart Pelosi’s office while her terrified staff barricaded themselves in a conference room and called for help.

The suspected attacker has espoused extreme right-wing views on social media, including conspiracy theories about Covid-19, according to one of the law-enforcement officials.

Now if you are even just a decent human being, you might simply say, “That is terrible, we are glad to hear that Mr. Pelosi’s injuries were apparently not life-threatening and he will recover, and we hope the legal system will pursue all appropriate charges against the perpetrator, whom we are grateful to learn was immediately taken into custody.”

Since conservatives are not that, we instead have gotten a lot of “Stephen A. Smith is sensitive to the Holocaust, BUT” mealy-mouthing:

Yes, Joe Biden promised to try and bring the nation together. Every president of our lifetime before Donald Trump promised to do the same. But even if national unity midwifed by a president is even possible and not some generic campaign jibber-jabber, Biden can’t do it by himself. He needs willing partners, and Fox News proves every day that it is most definitely not willing.

We guess it was just asking too much to ask for decency on the same day that certain wingnuts decided that they are suddenly free to shout the n-word on Twitter. Maybe tomorrow, fellas?

We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention this jackass:

Yr Wonkette would like to note that Alexandra Pelosi is a private citizen, not a member of Congress. We would also like to note that the Paul case was reportedly over a dispute between neighbors over the dumping of yard waste, not a politically motivated attack. Also, reportedly, Rand Paul was being a dick.

And we would further note that you can just extend your well-wishes to someone who has just suffered a trauma without making it another link in the long, long, long chain of personal grievances that you carry around with you every single day of your life.

Anyway, a speedy recovery to Paul Pelosi and good LORD are we done with today yet?

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