Pelosi Demolishes The Myth That Democrats Aren’t Talking About The Economy

Speaker Pelosi destroying the myth that Democrats have only been talking about abortion and not the economy.

Video of Pelosi on Face The Nation:

Pelosi said when she was asked if it was a mistake for Democrats to focus on abortion, “Well, I can just say this — nobody ever — elections are about the future. They’re about the economy. Everybody knows that. Nobody said we’re doing abortion rather than economy, but it’s about both. And I can tell you that that issue is very, very provocative and encouraging people to vote across the country, having just been there, not sitting in Washington, but going around the country. But I will say this –“

The Speaker of the House later continued:

Let’s just talk about what this comes down to. In these races, and why I’m optimistic about it, I mean, it’s a fight. These are close races. It’s like the Olympics in half a second you can be gold, silver, bronze or honored to be an Olympian. These are tough fights. But that’s what they are and it’s a big change from what the media was — media thread, they can’t possibly win. But here’s the thing, in these districts, the Republicans have said that if they win, they want to subject Medicare, Social Security held blackmail to lifting the debt ceiling. They have said they would like to review Medicare and Social Security every five years. They have said that they would like to make it a discretionary spending that congress could decide to do it or not rather than mandatory.

So, Social Security and Medicare are on the line. A woman’s right to choose is on the line. The planet is on the line. Issues that relate to prescription drugs, for years we’ve been trying to get the secretary to negotiate for lower prices. We couldn’t get it done until we had a Democratic president and a strong majority and enough in the congress to get it done.

Pelosi was one hundred percent correct. Republicans started the myth that Democrats are only running on abortion. The media did a bunch of polls and then said, “See, this is why Democrats are losing. They are only talking about abortion, and voters don’t care.”

The reality is that the YouGov Poll cited on Face The Nation only measured likely voters. Many women registered to vote after Roe was overturned and had not voted before, so they would not be captured by pollsters.

Democrats have a strong argument to make on the economy, as they are asking the right question. What are Republicans really planning to do for voters on the economy and inflation? The answer is nothing. Corporations ripping off the American people is a big part of the issue of higher prices, but Republicans don’t say a word about that on the campaign trail.

The midterm election is close. It is not a wave in either direction, but the idea that Democrats haven’t talked about the economy was wrong and needed to be corrected.

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