Report: Trump Thought He Could Sue Congress for Impeaching Him and Yes, He Was Serious

Is the pope Catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods? Is Donald Trump one of the biggest morons on the face of the earth? Can you tell where we’re going with this?

Obviously, apart from the supporters who actually believe him when he calls himself a stable genius, the majority of the world is all too aware of the fact that Donald Trump will likely go down as the dumbest president in US history. (Yes, even dumber than the guy who once said, “It’s the executive branch’s job to interpret law.”) In September 2017, responding to a Washington Post–ABC News poll on what “what one word best describes your impression of Trump,” Americans most commonly described Trump as “incompetent.” In December 2017, the most frequent answer to a similar question from Quinnipiac was “idiot,” followed by words such as “incompetent,” “moron,” “ignorant,” and “stupid.” In July 2017, then national security adviser H.R. McMaster reportedly said at a private dinner that Trump had the intelligence of a “kindergartner.” The following January, then Defense secretary James Mattis gave him an upgrade—but just barely—telling aides the president had the mental capacity of “a fifth- or sixth-grader.” Other phrases Trump’s own allies have used to describe him include “dumb as shit,” “this idiot,” “an idiot surrounded by clowns,” and “a fucking moron.” Foreign leaders were told not to assume he knew anything whatsoever about their country. Some aides believed he didn’t understand how time zones work. He once famously suggested that Frederick Douglass was still alive.

At this point, you might be thinking, We get the idea: There is no one dumber than Donald Trump. And obviously, you would not be wrong. But given this man’s apparent ambitions to seek yet another four years in office, it feels necessary, in a fate-of-the-planet kind of way, to make sure every instance of him being a full-on half-wit is recorded for posterity. For example, the time he thought he could block Congress from impeaching him by suing them.

Per CNN:

[Maggie Haberman’s Confidence Man] shows Trump’s failure to grasp basic policy concepts, such as Trump suggesting in an interview with Haberman that the Senate’s minority party could block legislation by skipping votes. “The vice president’s vote doesn’t count. It doesn’t count. You might want to check this,” Trump said.

When the House introduced articles of impeachment against Trump for the first time in 2019, Trump reacted with a familiar refrain, according to the book: “I’ll just sue Congress. They can’t do this to me.”

It’s not clear whether Trump responded similarly after lawmakers filed a second round of impeachment articles against him. Though, there’s got to be at least a 50% chance he did.

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