See Simone Biles’ Response to Claim She Hasn’t Won Any Olympic Medals

Simone Biles just vaulted over a misinformed Twitter troll.

After a Twitter user told the Olympian “Too bad you can’t go as an Olympic winner,” in response to her Oct. 18 tweet encouraging followers to not dress as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween, she clapped right back.

I have 7 olympic medals, do your research,” Simone, who is the most decorated American gymnast of all time, wrote on Oct. 31. “Also the bots get on my fn nerves. be real. say it with your chest. stop with the fake accounts.”

Simone’s fiancé Jonathan Owens showed his support, responding with a series of double exclamation mark emojis, while another user tweeted, “She can’t go as an Olympic Medal Winner because she has to go as a 7 Time Olympic Medal Winner.”

Simone and Jonathan instead donned a fiery couples costume, which she showed off on Instagram on Oct. 31, with the NFL player going as a firefighter while the Olympian was the fire. Along with orange heart and fire emojis, she captioned the post, “drop your fire captions below.”

However, next year, the pair could go as newlyweds for Halloween.

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