US District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, An Appointee Of Former President Donald Trump Will Soon Rule On Whether To Block The Use Of The Abortion Medication Mifepristone. This Case Reminds Us Of The Power Our Government Bestows On Federal Judges To Make Decisions That Apply To All 50 States. It Also Reminds Us That Our System Allows For Politically And Religiously Motivated Lawsuits To Challenge Laws That Have Been In Effect For Years. Women Are Under Attack By The Religious Right And They Are Fighting To Keep Their Status Of Equal Humans. – Baby Boomer Resistance: A Pro Democracy Blog

Judge Kacsmaryk is an ultra-conservative who has made it clear he is an ultra- Christian who opposes a woman’s right to obtain an abortion. Trump, who was once pro-choice, was convinced by anarchist Steve Bannon that opposing abortion rights would get him elected president by the evangelicals. Kacsmaryk was chosen by Trump to spread his fake passion for fetuses and embryo’s. Trump has been reported to mock evangelicals behind their backs.

The overturning of Roe v Wade has set off a pattern of extremist anti-abortion laws in conservative states that violate a woman’s privacy, threaten the health and lives of women, and decreases the equality of women compared to men. The founding fathers called for the separation of church and state in the Constitution to avoid the influence of religious doctrine on American’s politics. The founding fathers intended our laws would support the assertion that we are a united country inhabited by people of all religions and cultures who should be treated equally and whose rights should be equally protected.

Women from all generations, cultures, and socio-economic groups are fighting back to protect reproductive freedoms.

The Freedom Caucus wing of the Republican party under George W. Bush began the Christian superiority movement in America. The MAGA wing of the current Republican party led by Donald Trump has broadened alt-right ideology to include the racism and misogyny laws of 1950s America before civil right laws were passed. White, older, so-called Christian males in government are creating laws that demean minorities, immigrants, and women in the name of Christian values. Religious views are not suppose to guide lawmaking per the Constitution. However, when the people’s vote put extremists in power, Republucan lawmakers cater to their white Christian base.

The abortion pill mifepristone was approved by the FDA 23 years ago. Medical experts report it has proven to be a safe and effective method for women who are seeking to obtain a medical abortion or ease the discomfort of miscarriages. The case being brought to Judge Kacsmaryk seeks to ban the use of misopristone claiming the FDA’s process to approve the drug was flawed. Defenders of a woman’s right to reproductive freedom see this move to ban the drug as an result of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade.

If a woman’s right to reproductive freedom is being taken away, then a man’s right to control his reproductive rights needs to be taken away. In a democracy, all people are equal and equality should be reflected in our laws.
If a man engages in sexual relations with a wife or girlfriend and decides to get a vasectomy, depriving his partner of a pregnancy she wants, shouldn’t he should be forced to get a medical reversal of his vasectomy? A forced vasectomy reversal is the same kind of violation of body autonomy women are being forced to suffer by government forced pregnancies. MAGA voters and alt-right elected officials should understand if democracy is replaced with autocracy, when their party loses power to an extremist opposing party, they can kiss their beloved gun rights good-bye and say good-bye to every book taught in school that uses the word Christianity.

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