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A woman who says she thinks she is Madeleine McCann has said she will take a DNA test soon, it is reported. Julie Wendell, from Poland, said she started wondering if she was missing Maddie “a few months ago” after hearing “something” from her grandmother. She has set up an Instagram account called @iammadeleinemcann where she has posted videos detailing her claims. These include claiming to have a speck in her eye and a freckle on her leg in the same places as Madeleine.

Ms Wendell is 21 years old but believes her age could be wrong. Madeline was born in May 2003, meaning that she would now be 19-years-old.

But German investigators believe that Maddie, who was three-years-old when she disappeared during a family holiday in Portugal in 2007, was killed by convicted sex offender Christian Brueckner.

There have been extensive searches and police investigations since the day of her disappearance but her body has never been found.

The Daily Mirror reports that in recent months, people have taken to social media as part of a trend to show their likeness to Madeleine. This includes Ms Wendell who has compared her photos to those of the missing girl as “evidence” that they are the same person.

She alleges that the McCanns have approached her to take a DNA test, and she hopes to be in direct contact with them soon.

On her Instagram story she said: “I talked with someone from Madeleine’s family and I will have a possibility to talk with Madeleine’s parents tomorrow and DNA test will be done soon.”

A source close to the McCanns told Daily Star Sunday that the family are willing to look at the lead.

They said: “The family are taking no chances, they are willing to look at all leads. It is important they look at all of the factors, the girl does look similar. There’s no disputing that. If what she says is true, there is every chance it could be her. It all adds up.”

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She said: “I don’t remember being taken away. I mean, I don’t remember almost my entire childhood.”

“I have asked for pictures of when my mum was pregnant with me, other medical records and any pictures from my childhood and she never shows them, she just always tells me I’m crazy.

“My school teacher when I was very young said that I wasn’t there from the start but my parents insist I was. After all this confusion I began to do my own research I discovered what had happened to Madeleine McCann and started to piece together the similarities we shared.

“It has been so stressful trying to get people to listen to me.”

But German authorities say they believe Madeleine McCann is not alive. They are “convinced” 46-year-old paedophile Brueckner abducted and murdered her in Portugal in 2007.

Despite naming him as their prime suspect more than three years ago, it appears they are no closer to charging him.

They do not have enough evidence to prove he is responsible for her disappearance and murder.

One of his friends, who knew the German man when they were living in the Algarve together, recently spoke to detectives.

They said: “They believe Chris did it, they say they know he did it, but they told me they don’t have proof.

“That’s why they are going back over old interviews. When they spoke to me they were very open about what the situation is.

“It felt like they are struggling. They just asked the same questions again, there was nothing new.”

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